Tuesday, February 21, 2006

RODD RACER a work in progress

Rodd Racer is a story inspired by the old adventure strips of Milton Caniff, and Frank Robbins.

It takes place in a fictional 1930's environment which slants towards the futures of Fritz Lang.

A story about a young, ambitous racer who risks it all to win greatness, but finds more than he gambled for in the violent world of the street derby run by gangsters known only as...Thunder Road.


a story by T.Cypress

coming soon


RODD RACER...the recent book I'm working on. Written/Illustrated by myself.
More pages/info in a couple days.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

MAGNUS the robot fighter

The Trench is painted in mixed media.

Magnus the Robot Fighter measures at 34"X11". Someday I hope to produce 5 more of these drawings in which tell something of a story, and combine into a giant "comic page" with a narritive to hang on somebody's wall.

Next week...I post some samples of "Rodd Racer"...my next book following The Tourist.