Saturday, January 28, 2006

The Tourist...coming this April

The Tourist: a graphic novel written by the brilliant Brian Wood, illustrated by Toby Cypress.
IMAGE comics: Due out this April 6. 104 pages.
Comic book store order code: FEB061767

required listening: Portishead, Interpol

"The Tourist" is about an American GI that goes AWOL in search of his future, and finds himself in a remote Scottish fishing village while pursued by his past. A dangerous game of cat/mouse threatens himself, his dreams, and those he's come to care for.

"The Tourist"... brings a bag of trouble for an innocent fishing village that has risked it's happiness for a stranger, and his bag of secrets.

Brian Wood, is simply one of the most brilliant, and passionate writers of our age.

His work doesn't pull any punches, and speaks with a voice from a gut level viewpointed reality.

Brian, and I have been friends for a long time since meeting at a comic book show years ago as art students.

He's continued to create with a sense of passion, and contributed a brilliant voice in the independant publishing artform.

The Tourist is a remarkably different from some of his other works. Sorta' a mix of Demo, Couriers, and recent works such as DMZ...yet still unique. A study of people like much of his work is, but expanding his diversity still again.

Order youself a copy of The Tourist...available this April 6.

comic store order code:FEB061767

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rodd Racer on my table...

So, I'm finishing Rodd Racer pretty soon.

The top photo is a sketch of one of the characters "Drag'on" for a student of mine for his sketchbook... from my book "Rodd Racer".

The second photo is a shot of my drawing table with some of the "Rodd Racer" pages kinda spread out as I try to figure out what the hell I'm I try to figure out when the heck I'll finally be done drawing the book...

that's all your getting as far as a preview for now.
But I promise a fitting preview of the artwork soon!!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


This is my first drawing of the new year 2006.
The character is Tetsuo from the film "Akira".

"Akira" had the same important infuence to me as a kid as films such as Star Wars, and Citizen Kane.
Akira was the first time I realized that animation was an artform, and not just a medium for children...but a medium with vast potential for an adult market that could interpret the craft of storytelling.

Now, as a kid (14-15 years old) I had no idea what the movie was about...musta took me a dozen viewings to interpret, but eventuallly things made some sense to me...And I appreciate Katsukiro Otomo's respect for his audience.

Tetsuo was something of a tragic figure in the film, and it was my first time seeing antagonists portrayed realistically... imagine that in an animated film!
Mind blowing stuff.

also make sure to check out the films of Miyazaki playing all January on the Turner Classic Movies network. That's another master of storytelling using the animated medium.