Wednesday, January 04, 2006


This is my first drawing of the new year 2006.
The character is Tetsuo from the film "Akira".

"Akira" had the same important infuence to me as a kid as films such as Star Wars, and Citizen Kane.
Akira was the first time I realized that animation was an artform, and not just a medium for children...but a medium with vast potential for an adult market that could interpret the craft of storytelling.

Now, as a kid (14-15 years old) I had no idea what the movie was about...musta took me a dozen viewings to interpret, but eventuallly things made some sense to me...And I appreciate Katsukiro Otomo's respect for his audience.

Tetsuo was something of a tragic figure in the film, and it was my first time seeing antagonists portrayed realistically... imagine that in an animated film!
Mind blowing stuff.

also make sure to check out the films of Miyazaki playing all January on the Turner Classic Movies network. That's another master of storytelling using the animated medium.


Toyebot said...

stumbled by..Frickin awesome stuff! I remember Akira, scared me bit.

jason baroody said...

You have a very PAUL POPE feel to your artwork, I really would like to see more. Very nice work!

T.Cypress said...

Thanks for dropping by, and the nice comments.

Please come back again as I plan on posting preview pages of my latest project "Rodd Racer" in the next few weeks, as well as some other progressive works.

Monkeyfeather said...

Sweet drawing Toby. Everyone is in for a treat with Rodd Racer!!!!!! What are you ending up doing with it? Self publish?

E said...

This is so sick man. I'm mad I didnt take the time to thuroughly drool over it when you had it with you today.

Oh, and I appreicate the feedback on my work man. Helped out alot.


Anonymous said...

That's sweet! So, you mention Rodd Racer's new exploits, and I have one question: How many adventures has rodd had? I only have the 1st one in PureOxogen, and I remember you working on a second story in 1997, but the publisher backed out or some such?

J. Christopher Greulich

jchristopher said...

Another quick question...on your predator work, were those pages ment to bleed, or did darkhorse print them that way with out your input, it seemed that they were croped funny. just wondering.

T.Cypress said...

Man, I've never known anybody that remembers that original Rodd Racer short I did back in 97

That Predator book I did for Dark Horse was my first real book, and the demensions were smaller than what I was used to at that time, so I think I bled most of the artwork to compensate as I recall resulting in weird crops.

Thanks everybody,
I'll talk Rodd Racer in a few weeks.

Brian Quinn said...

simply amazing stuff, Toby. I hope we can meet up sometime during the NYC show. talk soon!