Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rodd Racer on my table...

So, I'm finishing Rodd Racer pretty soon.

The top photo is a sketch of one of the characters "Drag'on" for a student of mine for his sketchbook... from my book "Rodd Racer".

The second photo is a shot of my drawing table with some of the "Rodd Racer" pages kinda spread out as I try to figure out what the hell I'm doing...as I try to figure out when the heck I'll finally be done drawing the book...

that's all your getting as far as a preview for now.
But I promise a fitting preview of the artwork soon!!


Azaceta said...

Cant believe people havent left you comments. Amazing work! Your inking is what really draws me in. A step by step process would be awesome! Keep up the good work and can't wait for the Tourist!


T.Cypress said...

Thank you.
I'm planning to post a step by step of a painting I'm working on soon.

I'll also talk a bit about my storytelling, and drafting choices in future posts.
see you soon!

Monkeyfeather said...

Looking REALLY great Toby. I recognize some pages from before, looks like you've really expanded things though. Can't wait to see the finished product.

I saw The Tourist got picked up by Image. Looking forward to that in APril as well.

jchristopher said...

Awsome, Toby! Are you planning on including that first story in the book? I can't wait until this on ehits the stands!

BKO said...

Your work has always been amazing. I'm enjoying watching it develop even more. I love that you like Toth and was happy to se Bernet on your desk as well!! Keep it up, and keep posting!!!

marco's blog said...

wow, i love the energy on the inks!!!so ballsy. thanks for sharing.

jewel said...

AH AH AH Bernet is your Master!

Gregory Chomichuk said...

Thought i'd drop you a line. We met at SDCC and I bought a few of your pages from Tourist. You showed me some of that early work for Drag'on and Rodd Racer, and some story boards for War of Flesh. We swapped some drawings. Some ideas. Some laughs.

Ladies and gentlmen you think those images look good on this site, track this man down at a con and see those kinetics up close.

Keep up with those jazz lines, and punk rock inking. Cheers.

P.S. How do I advance order a copy of Rodd Racer?